The groundwater of the Northwoods can be rough on your skin and your digestive system.  Frasier’s can provide you with the best water conditioning systems for your home and budget.

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No-Obligation Water Purity Tests

If you are unsure of whether there are contaminants in the water at your home, we can come to your home at a time of your choosing for a no-obligation water quality assessment and provide you with a range of solutions to ensure your water is as pure as possible.  Water purity is a serious issue for most Northern Wisconsin homes.


Whole-Home Water Filtration

Our whole-home water filtration solutions help ensure that the water you drink, cook and wash with is clean and fresh. You’ll no longer have to put up with the chlorine taste and smell associated with municipal water and your pipes will be better protected from the corrosion that acidic water can cause.  Does the water in your lake home have a “rotten egg” smell?  We can build a custom solution to fit your water needs and budget for that problem as well.


Single-Source Filtration

Frasier’s single-source filtration solutions eliminate the need for you to ever buy bottled water ever again. We can quickly install single-source filtration in locations like your kitchen sink to provide clear, pure water for you and your family to enjoy.  This is good for your health, budget, and the environment.


Water Sanitation

Frasier’s multi-purpose water sanitizing systems can remove hardness, manganese and iron and raise low levels of pH to help you enjoy the purest, freshest water.


Water Softeners

If you have hard water you may have noticed it is leaving spots on glasses, making clothes feel harsh and uncomfortable and hair feeling sticky and limp. We have a number of water softening solutions to help you and our friendly plumbing technicians can help you select a system to best fit your water softening needs.


Up-Front Pricing

We quote the price of the system and installation in advance.  We do no work without your permission or before explaining plainly and thoroughly the work to be done.


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