Northern Wisconsin drains, sewers, and septic systems can be headaches for homeowners.  Trust Frasier’s to keep your investment functioning properly.

Every home has unique septic and sewer needs and systems.  Our team is licensed, certified, and highly trained to handle any problem you may encounter with your waste removal system.  Whether it is your Rhinelander home, Eagle River business, or Three Lakes area cottage – we can handle all of your drain, sewer and septic system repair and maintenance needs.


Same-Day Drain, Sewer, and Septic System Help

When you have a drain or sewer issue, you can relax knowing that Frasier’s can be with you fast. We can even provide same-day service to help get your drain and sewer problems repaired quickly.

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Drain & Sewer Experts

Frasier’s is fully-licensed and insured and we have been helping Northern Wisconsin’s residents with their drains and sewers since 1918!  In fact, we have worked on most of the drains in Rhinelander homes!


Billing By The Job, Not The Hour

Sometimes, drain and septic jobs may take longer than anticipated because of outside factors like weather and permits.  Not to worry – we bill by the job, not by how long it takes to complete it.  That being said, we will do our utmost to complete the job quickly and guarantee our work to be done right the first time.


High Pressure Jetting Cleaning

If your drains or sewer have a really stubborn clog our high-speed jetting service could be the perfect solution. The high-speed jets can completely clean the length of your pipes and any blockage will simply flow away.  We can also free up frozen drain lines by the same method – quickly and cleanly.


Tree Root Removal

Often, invasive tree roots have caused problems for drains or sewers.  We have innovative and comprehensive repair solutions. We use special video inspection technology as well as specialist rooter machines to ensure the tree roots are completely removed and can assist with solutions that will help prevent them returning.


Preventative Care

Are you in the market for a new home or thinking of selling your Northwoods cottage getaway?  We can help you out by providing drain inspections and set up a preventative maintenance plan for your drains and septic to ensure your investment or sale goes off without a hitch: Frasier’s Service Plan




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