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If you have a plumbing project or problem in your home, we are the trusted professionals to handle the job.

Frasier’s Plumbing has been based out of Rhinelander since 1918.  We now service as far south as Wausau, and as far north as Land O’Lakes and the Michigan border.  We have the extensive experience and skilled plumbers required to handle all your plumbing needs.

Our Plumbing Services Provide:

Bathroom Plumbing
All bathroom plumbing including: bath tub, shower and toilet installations, repairs and unclogging services, instant hot water, new sink and faucet installations and repairs as well as fixture remodels.

Kitchen Plumbing
All kitchen plumbing including: new sink and faucet installations, garbage disposal units, ice makers, appliance hook up and connections, unclogging sinks and drains, instant hot water and kitchen remodeling projects.

We really like to work with family on this one :) Frasier Kitchens – Owned and operated by Phil’s uncle Larry Frasier.

Drains, Septic Systems & Sewers
We install, inspect, and repair drains, home septic systems, and sewers including: unblocking, high powered jet cleaning service, frozen drain thawing, pipe repairs and replacements, video camera inspections and tree root intrusions.  We specialize in keeping these projects as small scale as possible so as to do as little cosmetic altering to your yard as possible.  Our plumbers can also provide you with tips on how to keep your drain and septic systems healthy throughout the year, saving you money over the life of your home.

Water Heaters
We take great pride in finding simple solutions for your water heating systems.  We provide fast repairs and installations on all hot water systems as well as assistance with the perfect hot water system to suit your hot water demands, plus energy efficient hot water solutions such as tankless water heaters.  We are not locked to any one specific brand and that means that we can provide you with more options for your home and budget than anyone else.  We can install or repair any water heating system ever made and stay current on the certifications required for new water heating technologies on the market.

Leaks & Pipes
We can handle all your leak detection and repair services as well as pipe replacement and repairs.  We firmly believe in preventative inspections and maintenance as a more cost-effective means to keep your home running smoothly and your belongings safe.  That’s why we offer a very affordable Service Agreement for both plumbing and heating services.  Learn more about that here:  Frasier’s Service Agreement

Toilet Plumbing
We can repair and install all makes and models of toilet for your home and comfort needs.  Whether you want to install a high efficiency toilet, a special access toilet, or a toilet that heats up and sings to you – we can install them quickly and efficiently.  And of course, we can provide professional toilet unclogging services – and give you tips on how to best avoid clogs with your toilet’s make and model.

Remodeling & Upgrades
From assistance with locating the fixtures you’re after to expert advice and installation, we can assist with your remodels and upgrades to bring your plumbing fixtures up to date.  We can make them more energy efficient and to allow you to enjoy a more aesthetically appealing home and increased comfort.  Are you looking to make your home more green and efficient?  We can also help with that.

Laundry Plumbing
All laundry plumbing including unclogging, re-piping, connecting washing machines and installation of new sinks and faucets.

Water Quality
Northern Wisconsin is notorious for having difficult water: Too hard, too soft, full of minerals, full of microbes, smelling bad – you name it.  We are the local experts for setting up systems to not only give you fresh and clean water, but to periodically test and ensure that your home has a constant, clean supply.

Commercial Plumbing
We provide fast response commercial plumbing services from: refits, hot water solutions, drinking fountains, pipes and drains, toilets, and regular plumbing maintenance plans for local businesses.

Sump Pumps
Every Northern Wisconsin home needs a professionally installed sump pump.  The other option is to play Russian Roullette with our winters to see if your basement and belongings can survive the quick thaws and cold snaps we endure regularly in this beautiful part of the country.  We can provide maintenance, installation, and options for your home’s sump pump needs.  It’s not worth the risk.

Your home’s plumbing needs are unique.


We understand that in a community as historic as ours, especially with a frontier heritage, that there are many homes with unique plumbing system needs.  That’s why you should count on the Frasier’s team to come up with the best set of options for your home and budget.   We will work through everything with you, show you the work that needs to be done, explain it clearly to you, and then let you decide what should be done before we ever do any work.  Our pricing is up-front, and we bill by the type of job – not by the hour.

Call or contact us here to get in touch with our friendly team of professionals today.

Bruce Frasier (left) and "Uncle" Gus working on plumbing fittings - circa 1950

Bruce Frasier (left) and “Uncle” Gus working on plumbing fittings – circa 1950


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