Smart and programmable digital thermostats are all the rage right now, but which one is right for your home and lifestyle?

The heating and cooling specialists at Frasier’s can help you with the answer.


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And we were there for you with every new leap in home thermostat technology along the way…

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The new thermostats on the market can do things far beyond anything that ever came before them and can often be daunting for homeowners.  While advancements in technology to aid heating and cooling efficiency have made many thermostats too tech-focused for the average user, some thermostat companies are working hard to make sure that your experience remains simple.

smart thermostats


Take what the Google-owned Nest thermostat can do for example:

The Nest thermostat also links up to their “Protect” Carbon Monoxide and smoke detector to shut off your furnace should it detect smoke or CO.  Now, that’s safety in innovation.

A study released in early 2015 showed that from 2013-end of 2014, Nest thermostats paid for themselves by their second year in the home.


The brand new “Lyric” from Honeywell schedules itself around your life, while remaining entirely adaptable:



Smart thermostats are wise investments, especially for second home owners and those who are rarely home during the winter.  But, with all these choices, it can be difficult to know which one will best fit your lifestyle, home, and budget.

Here is an interview that WJFW 12 in Rhinelander did with Jeff Anderson on how a smart system could save your home from thousands of dollars in water damage from loss of heat:

Trust the team at Frasier’s to help.  We stay current on all these innovations and are certified to install and service them before they even come out on the market.  In fact, we were the first home service company in Northern Wisconsin to become certified to install Nest products…before they were cool.  That comes from a desire to ensure that each one of our clients has the best service possible for their home and home comfort technologies.


If you would like to learn more about what a professionally installed smart thermostat from Frasier’s can do for you call us or book a visit online to start saving money today.


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