Old furnaces or boilers have a hard time keeping up with Northern Wisconsin winters.  Their inefficiency is costing you hundreds of dollars a year in wasted energy.

In fact, heating costs are the #1 utility expense for most Northern Wisconsin homes.


Energy-Efficient Home Heating

Our highly trained, NATE and National Comfort Institute certified heating technicians can help you select the most efficient heating system for your home and budget.  Not every home is the same and our technicians can provide you with educated options for what will best fit your home.


Professional Installations

What good is a high efficiency system if it’s not installed to run at peak performance standards?  The professional heating technicians at Frasier’s will ensure that your system is installed properly the first time – saving you money out of the gate.


Preventative Maintenance & Tune-Ups

To get the very best out of your heating and cooling systems longer, many leading manufacturers recommend that preventative maintenance be performed at least once-a-year. Our maintenance and tune-up services can help prevent expensive break-downs and ensure your system is working efficiently, saving energy and helping reduce your monthly utility bills.  Learn more about our annual maintenance plans here:  Frasier’s Service Partner Plan


Home Zoning

Take greater control of your home and personal comfort while improving your home’s energy efficiency!  Home zoning solutions from Frasier’s divides your home into “Zones”, with each zone able to have it’s own temperature controlled independently from the others.   This can save you a lot of energy and money as the unoccupied areas can be dialed down or completely turned off.


Programmable & “Smart” Thermostats

Digital thermostats are the key to ensuring that you are not over-spending on your heating bills.  Learn more about them on our Thermostats page.


Call or book online today to start saving money on your home’s heating!


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