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Is your house drying you out?


Odds are, you already know what we are going to be talking about here:  humidifiers.

And it feels strange, right?  All spring and summer long, we’re working hard to set up Air Conditioning systems to help keep the humidity levels down in our homes to fight mold, sickness, and all other types of calamity that a humid home brings.  That is what we should do!

But when fall comes, followed by winter, our homes do a flip.  They dry out and they do so very quickly.  If our cracked cutting boards and dusty shelves doesn’t tip us off to this, our health sure does.

Where did these sore throats come from?  Why is my child’s nose running?  Why am I itchy all the time?  Why are my shoulders looking like snow-capped mountains?

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3 Ways your home will haunt you.


Story 1:  A Bathroom Choking

It was a dark and stormy night.  You had just put your little monsters to bed after watching the highlights from the hometown sports on the nightly news.  Now, it was your time.  Your time to relax and unwind.

You step in to your bathroom and flip on the light.

And there it is, staring at you.  Your toilet.

It has been a battle with your toilet as of late.  Using it is like playing “Bathroom Flood Roulette.”

Will it plug?  Will you be safe?

You decide to risk it.

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NEST Protect and Thermostat: Perfect for Rhinelander & Wausau


We have some really exciting news for Northwoods home owners!

NEST, the company that brought us the first genuinely easy to use, smart, AND visually appealing thermostat has rolled out a new home safety product:  a smart smoke & CO detector called “Protect”.


The smart detector has a myriad of features:

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Fall Comfort Series – Prepare for Winter


Winter is on it’s way, and for many of us, that means dreading the extra expenses that come with it – particularly if you are closing up a second home or cottage for the season.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

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We have some helpful information for you home owners with homes built before 1980.  Read the facts on Orangeburg septic pipes in the infographic below, and then learn what you can do at the end if this applies to you and your home.

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A Tank-less Toilet…with a bladder?

One of the exciting things about living during the present tech and design boom is seeing how they bleed in to areas of our every day lives.  We’ve seen it with the revolutionary thermostats from NEST, as well as many other home control devices.

Yet, one of the areas that has seemed a bit slow on the design front is that of bathroom plumbing.  Specifically, the toilet.

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Is your home making you sick?


We often think that when it comes to mold, fruit and veggies are the main culprits in the home.

Not so, and in fact, they are carrying the brunt of the bad rep for all the other millions of microbes and spores that are in our homes.

Just thinking about the fact that the average N. Wisconsin home is filled with that much microbial and fungal life is enough to make the any of us want to head to the shower for a scrub-your-skin-off decontamination session.


But not so fast.  Let’s think about this.

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Sweaty Toilet? Yuck!


It has been a fairly nice summer thus far, and with fall on the way, we’re beginning to move in to the dog days of summer.  That means warm spells and higher humidity.

With that higher humidity and warm weather will come an old bathroom nemesis – the sweaty toilet tank.

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The First Nest Certified Team in the Northwoods

Remember that post we did a few months back on the various kinds of smart thermostats that can save you loads of money?

Well, NEST opened up their product for respected service companies to become certified in it’s installation – and we are the first in the area!

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Save Water…at the Urinal?


With Hodag Country Festival kicking off this week, that means one thing for certain:  every lavatory in Rhinelander is going to take a beating.

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