Frasier's Technician at Careers On Wheels

This morning, a few members of the Frasier’s team volunteered for our annual visit to Rhinelander Central School’s “Careers on Wheels Day”!

We got to talk with students about what a career in the trades is like – and why every kid should consider work in the trades!  A few hundred children came through to talk with and ask questions of Kyle and Brad over the course of the morning.

Topics ranged from:

  • What being an HVAC Technician means.
  • What “HVAC” means. :)
  • What the different tools in Brad’s heating and cooling truck are for. (We keep our trucks fully equipped, so there was a LOT to talk about!)
  • Why Northwoods families should check the quality of the air in their homes. (asthma, allergies, migraines, etc)
  • Why we have a duck on our trucks. (Our plumbing heritage and friendly service!)

Our hope, in helping with events like this, is to spread awareness about the value of a career in the trades for the next generation.  Many Northwoods communities have higher-than-average unemployment rates (Rhinelander’s is 8.9%).  Yet, many skilled trades companies like ours have a difficult time finding qualified employees.

It’s a big part of why we started the Northwoods Skilled Students Initiative.

You can learn more about the program, or sign up for the 2016 season, here:  Northwoods Skilled Student’s Initiative



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