Fix a Leak Weak Image Say what you will about the EPA, we can all agree that water leaks are BAD.

This week (March 13-19) is the EPA’s WaterSense “National Fix A Leak Week”, and that is an idea that us experienced plumbers and heating repair techs can get behind – especially with the water problems we find in our Rhinelander, Eagle River and Wausau Wisconsin service areas.

We see plumbing leaks in the Rhinelander area all too often.

Part of it could be that much of the Northwoods area’s homes and businesses were built during different building-booms.  During those times of economic growth, many buildings had their plumbing and heating built as cheaply as possible – even if that meant that safety, quality and longevity were an afterthought.

Leaking water is responsible for more than just annoying faucets and expensive home repairs – it costs all of us money.

If only half of the homes in Oneida County had one leaky faucet, that would still be over 241,000 gallons of wasted water a year.*

Leaking Heat Coil in Rhinelander WI

– For instance, this leaking heating coil found in Rhinelander by one of our plumbing technicians.

Unfortunately, and this is really frustrating for our plumbers and heating technicians, we even find systems installed in the last 10 years that have horrible leak issues.

Some of these leaks are due to water quality problems that were never addressed when the new system was installed.

If you have followed the fight for and against mines in our area (and we are not claiming an official ‘side’ in this post), you have already hear about the Rhinelander, Crandon and Wausau area water contamination problems.  By no means, has it been as bad as things are presently in Flint, MI  with the water crisis – but our area’s water can really shorten the life expectancy of plumbing and heating systems.

That’s why recommend having a water quality expert (like Aaron, one of our rockstar plumbers) come to your home to do a water quality test.

A Frasier’s water quality test can save you thousands of dollars in system repairs – and can even find issues that may be affecting your health.

Right now, as public concern over water quality is in all of our minds, we are offering FREE WATER QUALITY TESTS.


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