One of our technicians recently went on a call to inspect an older boiler in a local Rhinelander home.  What he found inside was just plain gross to look at, and dangerous for the home.

Look at what he found inside:

sludge found in a boiler near RhinelanderThe boiler’s antifreeze had broken down and turned to sludge.


Not only does it look nasty, but it’s not safe.  Antifreeze that is broken down is not doing it’s job – which causes extra stress for the boiler, possibly leading to failure and carbon monoxide leaks.

“Even if you purchase a new/used home, it’s always a good idea to have your heating equipment checked out by qualified heating technicians.”, he said.

“This was the caused by either an uneducated heating contractor or a “do-it-your-self-er.  So yeah, that’s water with broken down glycol [antifreeze].  There was antifreeze in the system that had broken down after years of being used and never flushed.  Your glycol should be replaced every 8 years.”


Unfortunately, we see boilers like this all to often in the Northwoods.

When it comes to maintenance, we all remember to take our cars in for oil changes, to run anti-virus scans on our computers, and to head to the dentist to get our teeth checked up.  But, we often forget that our home’s plumbing, heating and cooling systems need regular care and maintenance.

That’s why we have made plumbing, heating & cooling maintenance easy for homeowners.

With our Service Partner Plan, you do not have to remember when your home’s check-up is.  In addition to the many discounts and benefits Partner Plan members receive, we also keep tabs on when your home’s next needed inspections are.  Check out more about our Service Partner Plan here:  Frasier’s Service Partner Plan




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