furnace problems in rhinelander

It started like any other furnace inspection…

We had received a call for setting up a furnace inspection as part of our Nicolet Welcome Wagon promotion.  One of our certified heating technicians here at Frasier’s, was dispatched to provide the new homeowner with a comprehensive inspection.  As he does with every furnace and boiler inspection, he pulled open the housing to take a look inside.

…and had to stop right then and there because of what he saw.

Thick mold covering the furnace.

mold on secondary heat exchanger

Dangerous levels of mold covered the entire secondary heat exchanger, and dust & mold covered everything else inside the unit:

moldy furnace

dust in furnace


You may be thinking, “So what, just clean the furnace.”

It is true, you could “just clean” the furnace.  However, this old furnace was part of an entire heating system (ducts, vents, etc) that had not been maintained in years.  There can be a lot more going on within the entire heating system, beyond just the furnace.

dirty heating infographic

Sadly, we have been finding more and more furnaces like this in the area when new homeowners move up to the Northwoods.  The previous owner of the home decided that they did not want to spend a small amount on annual cleanings, moved away, and left the next person to deal with the mess.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Book your thorough heating system inspection today & save $40 when you mention this post.  The best way to protect your home, family & investment is through regular and professional maintenance.


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