Finally – Warm Weather!

Today, it is pretty warm out, and we’re expecting more heat tomorrow.  Every year, around the middle to end of May, we know that the summer heat will start to set in here in the Rhinelander area.  It’s also the time of year that we start to receive a lot of calls for air conditioning repair.  Is your air conditioner not cooling your home fast enough?

You are not alone, and one common reason will probably gross you out.  Badly.

The constant warm days and nights put tired old air conditioners through more stress than the rest of the year.  That may seem counter-intuitive, that the early season might be harder on your air conditioner than the dog days of summer.  However, after it’s sat all winter, your air conditioner is probably filled with dust and even animal nests.  Northern Wisconsin pests are always looking for somewhere to stay out of the elements.  Unfortunately, like with this unit from last summer, animals often choose an air conditioner as the perfect place to build a nest:

Animal nest in an air conditioner

The worst part?  That home owner had no idea the nest was in there.  They just thought their air conditioner smelled funny whenever they walked past it.  We often find air conditioners like this, and even more so near Eagle River, Three Lakes, and Saint Germain – heavily wooded communities.

Is your home not cooling properly?

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